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Student Welfare

Welfare Coordinator:   Paul Karbon

Doonside Technology High School’s welfare team aims to provide effective learning within a secure and supportive environment. There is a strong school-wide commitment to ensure that, for all students, school is a happy, positive and fulfilling experience. The school has high expectations of students and staff work closely with colleagues, parents and caregivers to ensure the welfare of each student.

The welfare team consists of the Welfare Coordinator, a Year Adviser for each cohort, boys and girl’s advisor and a Pacific Islander Coordinator.  The team meets every two weeks along with the Learning Support Team, the School Counselor, the Aboriginal Education Assistant, the Deputy Principal and any other interested parties to discuss current issues, to identify and address students’ needs and initiate positive and proactive change.

Representatives from the team regularly attend courses on the Accidental Counsellor, Crossroads training, Alcohol and drug intervention and the Youth and Road Trauma Forum and report back at welfare meetings.

Across all year groups, various programs were successfully implemented including Anti-bullying and Harassment programs, presentations by the Police Youth Liaison Officer, Break The Mould, PRIDE, Crossroads  and Drug and Alcohol Counselling. The school also utilised outside agencies to run successful programs such as Take 5, Rock and Water, Hip Hop literacy workshops and also implemented a school based vaccination program in conjunction with Sydney West Health.

This year’s welfare team consists of:

  • Year 6 Advisor: Nathan Brown
  • Year 7 Advisor: Crystal Warda
  • Year 8 Advisor: Joel Howard
  • Year 9 Advisor: Alyssia Facey
  • Year 10 Advisor: Marc McDonald
  • Year 11 Advisor: Airene Thompson
  • Year 12 Advisor: Kylie Tyler
  • Girls Advisor: Natali Gulic
  • Boy’s advisor: Paul Karbon & Nathan Brown


The PRIDE (Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Determination, Engagement) program was established to help assist young male students in reaching their scholastic, social and emotional potential.

The students participate in a number of activities throughout the course of the year designed at improving student retention, engagement, self-esteem and leadership skills.  This is achieved by engaging, supporting and providing these students with a number of opportunities to develop their strengths and their ability to make positive life choices.

The program is coordinated and monitored by Mr Karbon and Mr Brown (Boys Advisors) and is proudly supported by Supa IGA Rainbow.