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Learning Support

The Learning Support team assists mainstream students at Doonside Technology High to develop their literacy and numeracy skills in Stages 4 & 5. Literacy and numeracy are essential skills needed by students for all courses. The early development and further enrichment of these skills is an essential step in ensuring student success in all school subjects.

The Learning Support team at Doonside Technology High School runs specific numeracy lessons for all classes in both Year 7 & Year 8. These classes aim to develop a student’s ability to perform basic number operations, as well as their knowledge of core mathematical concepts. The Learning Support faculty also runs a literacy program for targeted classes in Year 7 & Year 8. In these lessons, students are provided with opportunities to develop their reading, writing and comprehension skills by working together in smaller groups that are facilitated by trained teachers.

The learning Support faculty is also available to assist students with special needs on an individual basis across the school, as well as assisting the school as a whole to cater for individual learning differences. In this sense, the Learning Support faculty plays a vital role in the school as a whole.

Our school uses learning programs and specialised staff where needed and we work in partnership with parents and carers to assist students who have special learning needs.

Our school is committed to working with Aboriginal parents and community members in developing personalised plans for our Aboriginal students.

The Learning Support Team provides students with the support required to acquire the skills and competencies in the key learning areas which are essential for them to participate in and contribute to an ever changing society. Students are identified using the following:

Neale Test – SA Spelling Test – NAPLAN analysis – NAPLAN style test – Classroom teacher referral. The Learning Support Team assists Stage 4, 5 and 6 in identified small group sessions, integrated class assistance and individualised programs . Additional personnel is employed using PSP resources to allow this support model to work effectively.