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Counselling Services

The school counselling service provides a counselling and psychological assessment service to students with specific support needs in NSW government schools. School counsellors work through the school welfare and learning support teams to improve student welfare and learning outcomes.

The school counselling service is part of the regional student services team and is professionally supported by regional student support coordinators, student counselling and welfare. Each region has a number of counselling teams led by a district guidance officer, and these teams service a regionally determined group of schools. All school students from pre-school to Year 12 in the NSW government school system are able to access the service.

School counsellors are qualified teachers who have a degree in psychology and post graduate qualifications in school counselling. They complement and enhance the work of teachers by strengthening schools’ student welfare provisions and providing counselling and psychological assessment of students with specific needs.

In addition to this they also:

  • provide counselling to students, individually and in groups, including appropriate short term therapeutic interventions undertaken within the constraints of their training, experience and supervision.
  • work in consultation with the principal, school executive, staff and regional student support services to improve student learning and well being outcomes and implement current departmental priorities.
  • work collaboratively with learning support teams, parents and caregivers, and other agencies, to develop appropriate school based support for students.
  • carry out cognitive, social, emotional and behavioural assessment of students referred by the learning support team, report the results of assessments and interventions to parents and teachers, and collaborate to improve learning and well being outcomes.
  • contribute to the social, emotional, and academic development of students by participating in student welfare committees contribute to the development of and planning for students with special needs by assisting review committees in the design and or delivery of educational plans.
  • respond, as part of a team, to schools experiencing emergencies.
  • provide long suspension reports to principals with recommendations for future management.
  • assist and support parents and caregivers in addressing the social, emotional, and educational development of their children.
  • refer students and/or their families and caregivers to other agencies that will support the development of student health and well being outcomes.

School counsellors are experienced teachers who have a degree in psychology and post-graduate qualifications in school counselling. They can work with students of all ages and their families, throughout their school years.

For information in community languages see school counselling service .The school counsellor can also assist students who may be feeling extremely sad or anxious. Contact us if you would like to make an appointment. It is important to seek help early if you notice any major change in your child’s behaviour.