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Going Green

Doonside Technology High School has a proud record in implementing innovation in managing and building approaches to sustainable development of the School environment.  We achieve this through team work, consultation with all stake holders and implementing best practice in managing scarce resources, water, air, soil and energy.

We value the contributions of all and endeavour to build in our student’s understandings of the importance of global and local issues in efficient land, water, air and energy management.We ensure that through all Key Learning Area’s environmental issues and perspectives are delivered in such a way that healthy debate and knowledge is the priority School environmental management plans work across the key learning areas of the curriculum and the whole school community.

 We start with local sustainability and over time develop student understanding of how their work contributes globally. Students and staff manage, observe and monitor our school’s resources, waste and physical surroundings, then take on activities to protect and improve our school and the local environment. Your child will develop an understanding about:

  • the relationship between human activities and natural systems
  • sustainable management of the earth’s resources
  • the inter-related nature of processes in the natural environment

 We encourage you to support your child’s ‘going green’ activities, and to help them to learn to care for the environment as part of their everyday lives.