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Head Teacher – Keerti Shukla

Science is fascinating and functional and through exploration, discovery, experimentation and research, students are challenged to seek explanation for what happens in the world around us.

At Doonside Technology High School the Science faculty aims to equip students with the necessary tools and knowledge, and encourage appropriate values and attitudes, to allow students to engage at many levels with the world of Science.

We achieve this by:

  • ¬†Encouraging the exploration of their existing knowledge and views of the world around them
  • Developing skills in practical investigations, research, formulating questions, teamwork, and scientific communication
  • Teaching the broad principles underpinning scientific understanding through specific examples
  • Exploring how we can use our scientific understanding to contribute positively to our school, community and world
  • Exposing students to a variety of experiences including experimental work, field studies, discussions, evaluation of mass media, on-line activities, excursions and individual projects.

Science is a mandatory subject for years 7-10. Students entering a HSC pattern of study from year 11 may choose Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Studies, Physics or Senior Science. Each senior course is a 2 unit Board Developed Course.