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Human Society & its Environment

Head Teacher – Mrs Sue Frost

HSIE is a combination of subjects that all relate to “Human Societies in its Environment”. The HSIE Faculty at Doonside Technology High School are an innovative and professional group of teachers  that exhibit expertise in the wide range of courses outlined below.

Students in Years 7 to 10 study both mandatory History and Geography.

In Years 9 & 10 HSIE offers a range of electives which include Aboriginal Studies, Commerce, Elective History, In the Wild (Elective Geography), International Studies and Work Education.

Senior Students can select from the wide range of HSIE subjects on offer including Aboriginal Studies, Ancient History, Business Studies, Business Services (VET), Geography, Legal Studies, Modern History, Retail Services (VET), Society & Culture, Studies of Religion and Work Studies (non-ATAR).

Learning Experiences:
Across these subjects students experience a variety of different learning activities such as classroom based learning, group projects, field assignments, role plays, mock trials, ICT based tasks, work placements and excursions.

Through their studies in HSIE at Doonside Technology High students develop:

  • An appreciation and value of the study of the past.
  • An understanding about their place on this planet, and their ability to contribute to and affect change in this world.
  • A sense of value, respect and tolerance for cultures other than their own.
  • The ability to think critically and express their opinions with confidence, thus helping them to become active and informed citizens.

Subject Selection – Course Specific Information

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