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Head Teacher – Katie Rose

As the only mandatory subject students are required to take from year 7 to 12, English is a dynamic and engaging subject encompassing many of the vital skills and experiences required for broad social success.

The study of English enables students to recognise and use a diversity of approaches and texts to meet the growing array of literacy demands, including higher-order social, aesthetic and cultural literacy. This study is designed to promote a sound knowledge of the structure and function of the English language and to develop effective English communication skills. Through reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and representing experience, ideas and values, students are encouraged to adopt a critical approach to all texts and to distinguish the qualities of texts. Students also develop English language skills to support their study at Stage 6 and beyond.

The Doonside Technology High School English faculty is comprised of an innovative, enthusiastic and professional group of teachers who bring a diverse range of experience to their teaching practice. The English faculty seeks to provide a positive, engaging and stimulating learning environment in which all students are supported in the development of the critical and functional literacy skills required for vocational and academic success. Drawing on a range of innovating learning technologies, the English faculty engages students in ‘real world’ learning experiences that equip them with essential 21st century skills.