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On-line Learning with MOODLE

Moodle-2 MOODLE is a Virtual Learning Environment which makes it easy for all students to access their curriculum resources on-line.  Why we use MOODLE Keeping students safe with 'On Guard' Safety training and registration.on_guard

Information for Year 7 Students

SurfaceAll Year 7 student enrolling at Doonside Technology High School will qualify to receive a Microsoft Surface tablet laptop.

These powerful computers will allow students, teachers and parents to work creatively together to change the way our students learn.

As learners in the 21st Century so much more, in terms of digital skills, creativity and accessing information will be demanded of them. Learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Important Surface documents for Parents and Students

We can help you with your enrolment enquiries anytime throughout the year.

Enrolment Enquiry

  • Trade Training Centre in Metals and Engineering and Hospitality recently completed.
  • Science Laboratories for 21st Century learning newly completed.
  • 3 Connected Classroom facilities which have video conferencing capability.
  • 5 hectare School farm which caters for the study of Agriculture and Primary Industries, animal husbandry and related horticultural studies.
  • Newly refurbished fully equipped Gymnasium with state of the art equipment.
  • State of the art security technology which promotes a very safe school environment.